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How to Elevate your Polymer Clay using Hello Cutters Polymer Clay Cutters!

Updated: May 19, 2023

Finished piece of whale design

Polymer clay is a versatile and exciting medium for crafting stunning pieces of art. In this blog post, we will explore the process of creating beautiful polymer clay pieces using a combination of polymer clay tools: white polymer clay, pastel chalk, a paintbrush, alcohol ink, a paint palette, and disposable eyeshadow brushes. With the intricate designs of Hello Cutters Polymer Clay Cutters Sea Collection, your creations are sure to make waves! Here is a link to the polymer clay cutter used in this example..

The Process

Step 1: Condition and Cut Out using Hello Cutters Polymer Clay Cutters

Conditioning your white polymer clay, ensuring it is soft and pliable. As the Sea Collection Polymer Clay Cutters feature intricate designs, it's recommended to use corn starch on the clay to prevent sticking or tearing off the pieces from the cutter. Carefully cut out your desired shapes.

Optional: add any additional details to the fins or other areas using your clay tools.

Step 2: Assemble and Prepare Your Polymer Pieces

After cutting out your clay pieces, using Hello Cutters Polymer Clay Cutters, place them on a clean surface, ensuring they are spaced far apart from each other to avoid any transfer of chalk dust. This step guarantees that your colors remain vibrant and distinct.

whale polymer clay pieces separated

Step 3: Create a Color Palette

Create a color palette with pastel chalk by scraping some pastel chalk into individual piles, using a paint tray or any suitable container as your palette. Now, grab a disposable eyeshadow brush and dip it into the darkest color from your palette. Apply the pastel chalk to the white clay, focusing on areas where you want shading and depth. Gradually build up the color to achieve the desired effect. Once you're satisfied with the shading, switch to a clean side of the brush and dip it into a lighter color. Blend the lighter color onto the clay piece, creating a beautiful blend pattern that suits your artistic vision.

tray of pastel color

navy blue pastel chalk

blue pastel chalk

blending blue pastel over polymer clay

blending brown pastel chalk over whale polymer clay

blending chalk

Step 4: Enhance with Alcohol Ink (Optional)

Enhance with alcohol ink for an extra touch of realism and depth. Using a regular paintbrush, apply brown alcohol ink using the splatter technique. This technique adds visual interest to your clay piece. Don't forget to add an eye to bring your creation to life!

brown alcohol ink

dipping brush into brown alcohol ink

using platter technique Hello Cutters

hello Cutters using the dot tool

Hello Cutters using the dot tool for eyes

Step 5: Bake Your Masterpiece

Bake your masterpiece once you have completed your polymer clay pieces. Bake the pieces according to the brand instructions. Use acetone soaked q-tips to remove any chalk or ink that may have gotten on the back of your clay.

Creating beautiful polymer clay pieces with Hello Cutters Sea Collection, opens up a world of creative possibilities. By following these steps, you can shape, color, and enhance your creations, allowing your artistic expression to shine through. Remember to have fun, experiment with different techniques, and let your imagination guide you. The Sea Collection cutters from Hello Cutters will inspire you to dive deeper into your clay artistry. So, grab your tools and unleash your creativity with polymer clay!

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