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hello friends!

I'm josie

Hello Friends! I'm Josie I am the person behind Hello Cutters. I've been obsessed with jewelry for a very long time. I am always in search of handcrafted and unique pieces. 

I have spend many, many years helping small businesses grow. Late last year I decided it was my time to grown and branch out. I had moments where I wanted to give up but I was determined to stay the course. It has truly paid off.

Thank you for supporting my dream.


hello designers!

I'm josie

We're a small family business that was created by my passion for unique and extraordinary pieces of jewelry. We believe everyone can design their own collection with our affordable cutters & tools!  My goal is to help you achieve your dream as an entrepreneur while making high-quality products more accessible than ever before.

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design process

I am always, always trying to design, print, create, and test my products. I strive for perfection. 

I understand how important the quality and durability my products need to be. 

what they're loving

"I love how unique her cutters are! They are great!! "

- Sam

"I had a long day at work and I came home to a package from Hello Cutters! I got so happy."

- Erika

"Thank you for making such awesome cutters and stencils." 


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