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Pan Dulce Studs

Pan Dulce Studs

$3.00 Precio
$1.50Precio de oferta


Introducing the perfect way to make your pan dulce  polymer clay earrings These sturdy, polymer clay cutters ensure clean, precise cuts every time, so your shapes come out looking perfect. With a pack of three, you'll be able to customize your creations exactly how you want them. Add some sweetness to your day with Hello Cutters.

  • Additional Information

    Each polymer clay cutter is made to order.

    Made from PLA that is eco-friendly and food safe.

    Color of material will vary.

    Each polymer clay cutter is inspected and sometimes edges are sanded for sharper cutting.

  • Sizing and Measurements

    Each polymer clay cutter is measured in inches.

    Marranito (pig) size: 0.92 in.

    Polvoron (triangle shape) size: 0.75 in

    Concha ( round bread) size: 0.77 in.

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