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4MM Mini Acrylic Earring Stand

4MM Mini Acrylic Earring Stand

$4.00 Precio
$2.00Precio de oferta


This 4MM Mini crylic earring stand is perfect for displaying polymer clay earrings. It has a sturdy design and comes witha stand for optimal stability. 

  • Additional Information

    It will be come disassembled and masked to reduce damage. Once it is standing, you can add your earrings.

    Base will not be glued to the stand so please be very careful when transporting. Although acrylic is sturdy, it can still break when it is not handled with care. 


  • Measurements & material

    Arch Size 2.75 x 2.50 in

    Square Size: 3 x2.75 in.


    4mm clear acrylic  

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